Body contour correction performed by Ginza KOJIMA (Making yourself taller)

Whole body contour correction without surgical knife and pain

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If you consider it impossible to make yourself taller, please consult the staff of Ginza Kojima. Our accumulated experience realizes the effective body contour correction depending on our client’s condition.

It’s not a surgical operation. Try our original method without surgical knife and injection, and you will be able to make your dream of having ideal figure come true.

We have been received a patent for our device for body contour correction. (Patent number: 3802917)

Visible effect

Ginza Kojima gives our clients some advice on how to correct the bone deformity all over the body. We objectively judge the result of surgery by observing the X ray photographs taken with the cooperation of the nearby medical facilities and the values from the precise measurement. We never make an evaluation by using vague standards that most of the beauty salons tend to adopt.

Precise bone density

We precisely measure our clients’ bone density by taking an X-ray photograph with the cooperation of the nearby medical facilities in order not to impose a burden on their bodies. In addition, we measure bone density and perform surgery, placing a special emphasis on our client’s condition.

picture01 picture02 picture03 picture04 picture05 picture06

In order to lighten the burden on the body, we perform leg surgery one by one. You can see the obvious difference in length between two legs in the pictures that show a man lying on his back with his left leg stretched. Click the pictures to enlarge them.


Charges for body contour correction

Leg bone under the knee lengthening course (guaranteed course)

Up to 1 centimeter
1,080,000 yen (with tax)
Up to 2 centimeters
2,160,000 yen (with tax)
Up to 3 centimeters
3,240,000 yen (with tax)
More than 3 centimeters
Please ask separately.

Satisfying surgery

The charges do not depend on the surgery period and frequency. Therefore, no additional charge will be incurred until you achieve your aim regardless of the frequency of your visiting us.

Moreover, we measure bone density with the cooperation of the nearby medical facilities and perform surgery by the method that is the most suitable for our customer’s condition. There is no need for you to worry about anything.